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The Pastor of Horror shares one his most terrifying tales

October 17, 2022

With a name like “The Pastor of Horror,” you just know this episode's going to be a good one! Author Ezekiel Kincaid joins me to talk about all things spooky, including his recently-released “The Dawning,” Book 1 in The Dreadful Death series. As always, I've got a little peek into what lies within the pages:


On a cold November night in 1817, a seven-year-old girl named Theodosia Whitefield finds a door leading to another world. She feels a pull towards a dark, celestial being who beckons her, and senses his presence growing each day. In an old rocking chair by her bed, a seeming friend appears and helps her navigate through this new world.

Little by little, Theo's innocence changes as the dark creature edges closer to her reality. The little girl begins to grow into something sinister and evil. Shedding her youth and innocence, her demon friend paves the way for Theodosia to meet the entity named Tetromet, The two meet and the horror and madness blossom in Theo, leading to unprecedented depths of terror.

The charming countryside of North Carolina makes the backdrop for the insanity and evil emanating from this child. She wreaks havoc on her family and friends as her power grows. It all comes to an insidious, nightmarish end, with questions of faith, sanity and above all, God and evil.


I've read some scary stuff over the years, and this may well be the best. Ezekiel and I talk about Theodosia, the dark being, and how she changes over the course of the series. We talk about the best ways to off a character and how it fits in with the overall story.


Ezekiel's 20-plus years in ministry have afforded him the opportunity to encounter people from all walks of life and in a myriad of situations and we talk about how this has factored into his work. We look at how he made the transition to writing and how the people in his life reacted to it.


In addition to his writing, Ezekiel has done some work in haunted house investigations and tells us how to tell the real deals from the bogus places. We also look at some of the most memorable sites he's been to. And of course, we lean how he came to be known as “The Pastor of Horror.”

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