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An exciting return to Rhode Island Comic-Con

An exciting return to Rhode Island Comic-Con

November 25, 2022

A highlight of my year, the Rhode Island Comic-Con is a place to meet some of the best area creatives—fantasy and sci-fi writers, comic creators, and cosplayers. Joining me was Ben Chou, my co-pilot for these events.


Kicking things off is Stevie Oaks, whom I met at last year's RICC. He was just starting out, and has had one hell of a year! We talk about his TikTok channel and the amazing response he's had, working at other cons, and plans for the next year.


After that, it's author M. Z. Medenciy for her recently-released book “Island Eight.” It's a cool story with a main character that takes a page from M.Z.'s life and an epic world we get to explore together.


If you've been to any of the New England cons, you've likely had the pleasure of meeting Matches Malone, who's been cosplaying as the Dark Knight for 30 years. We talk about how he got into the role, and people he's met, and working with all sorts of area charities.


To close out this episode, here's an interview I did with author Debra Zannelli. We talk about her five-part realistic vampire series, with themes of family and abuse, and the work that went into it.

Jade Lowder takes us to a real horror show with debut comic

Jade Lowder takes us to a real horror show with debut comic

November 14, 2022

In this episode, I have the pleasure of chatting with comic creator Jade Lowder for his soon-to-be-released “It’s a Horror Show: The Date,” his first book (hopefully of many) with Lesser Known Comics. Have a read at what's in store:


It’s a Horror Show: The Date,” is the tale of a Werewolf Punk Rocker roaming the empty desert highways of the American southwest in a vintage hot rod searching for the next gig, mayhem and a healthy dose of carnage. But what happens when this lycanthropic motor-head encounters a group of local reprobates harassing a seemingly defenseless damsel in distress and furthermore what happens when this apparent damsel is not as she first appears and is keeping some secrets of her own?


As you can see from the cover, Jade has some amazing artistic skills, and we talk about how he developed them following his classes at the Kubert School. Jade has a Kickstarter for the title which has already surpassed the goal and shares that experience.


Jade and I dive into his work with Lesser Known Comics and the chance posting that led to this partnership. We look at the changing landscape of the comics industry and how he got his start, both as a creator and a fan.

Jonathan Janz shares some classically-themed horror in “The Dismembered”

Jonathan Janz shares some classically-themed horror in “The Dismembered”

November 10, 2022

Who wants to hear from more horror writers? If your hand’s in the air, then kick back and enjoy hearing from author Jonathan Janz, who has a new book out on Nov. 11 through our friends at Cemetery Dance Publications. Here’s a look at the story:


In the spring of 1912, American writer Arthur Pearce is reeling from the wounds inflicted by a disastrous marriage. But his plans to travel abroad, write a new novel, and forget about his ex-wife are interrupted by a lovely young woman he encounters on a London-bound train. Her name is Sarah Coyle, and the tale she tells him chills his blood.

Sarah's younger sister has been entranced by Count Richard Dunning, who is rumored to dabble in bizarre religious rites and experimental medicine. Arthur agrees to help, but he has no idea of what awaits him at Altarbook, Sarah's ancestral mansion, or the remote English countryside, where Count Dunning and his followers are about to unleash an unholy supernatural power.


Jonathan and I head right into the story—we talk about Count Dunning and how he came to be, Sarah’s role, what leads Arthur to join her, and what inspired some of the settings.


Brian Keene has called Janz “One of the best writers in modern horror to come along in the last decade,” and we talk about what such praise means, as well as the influence that Keene has had on his work. Jonathan and I dive into his personality and how he sees himself after publishing more than a dozen books. Jonathan works as a high school writing and film teacher and we discuss how he works with young creatives.

Rhode Island Author Expo preview: Evelyn Audet, Keith Carreiro, and Debra Zanelli

Rhode Island Author Expo preview: Evelyn Audet, Keith Carreiro, and Debra Zanelli

November 7, 2022

It's that time again! The Rhode Island Author Expo is around the corner and leading up to this I'm chatting with some of the great writers who will be there. The expo takes place on Saturday, Dec. 3, at the Crowne Plaza Ballroom in Warwick, Rhode Island.


First up, Evelyn Audet and I talk about the soon-to-be-released book about her years spent living on a boat and sailing around the Caribbean, along with a delightful children's book, and environmentally-conscious YA story.


Keith Carreiro is a longtime friend of the show and we dive into his nine-part series, “The Immortality Wars.” We look at the world he spent a long time creating and the different creatures that inhabit it.


To close out this episode, here's an interview I did with Debra Zannelli at the recent Rhode Island Comic-Con. We talk about her five-part realistic vampire series, with themes of family and abuse, and the work that went into it.

Author David Sklar heads to new heights in “Moonstone Hero”

Author David Sklar heads to new heights in “Moonstone Hero”

November 3, 2022

Hope you're not afraid of heights, because in this episode, we travel all the way up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Author David Sklar and I talk about his recently-released book, “Moonstone Hero,” and here's a look at the story.


What do you owe to someone whose life you’ve saved? What does that person owe you? In the early 1970s, an international group of tourists find themselves intimately connected to one another as they attempt to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro. After several miles of progress, the expedition suddenly becomes derailed when one of the climbers becomes gravely ill. Struggling with the effects of high altitude and freezing wind and snow, the climbers must confront their fears and personal limitations as well as their responsibilities to a sick stranger.


After a young medical student struggles over a mountain pass, determined to keep this man alive, he must soon grapple with the aftermath of his actions. Romantic feelings crop up where they shouldn’t, and he worries that he may cross a line, betraying the man he saved, and possibly his own integrity.


This book is largely true, and we explore the real-life story and what inspired David to turn this into his new novel. We look at the people behind it and David talks about meeting up with the one of the people from the book.


David's no stranger to the publishing house, having authored or co-authored more than 200 articles about medical education, emergency health care, and global health. He's also written “La Clinica,” a memoir of his experience as a volunteer in a rural Mexican clinic and “Atlas of Men,” an award-winning novel about a secret research project. We look at what was new with the writing process for “Moonstone Hero” and the challenges it provided.

Explore new lands in D.A. Mucci’s fantasy sequel

Explore new lands in D.A. Mucci’s fantasy sequel

October 30, 2022

Emergency room physician-turned-writer D.A. Mucci is back with a second book in his fantasy series, “Ignatius and The Battle at Dinas Affaraon.” Have a look at what lies in store:


Fifteen-year-old Iggy is prepared to face his first days of high school . . . but is he ready to face mythical creatures, black magic wizards, and sword fights where people get killed? Iggy’s never thought of himself as a fighter. But as he learns more about the strange place he’s landed, one thing becomes abundantly clear, in the World of Skye they need a hero. And Iggy just might be the one they’re looking for, even if he’s not so sure. In this thrilling continuation, readers will discover new characters, dive deeper into the world and hold on tight as twists and turns abound. This looming battle is epic and could change Iggy’s life.


D.A and I talk about what took him from the emergency room to the bookstore and the various fantasy writers that his children introduced him to. We talk about the challenges he faced as a writer and developing the vast world of his books, which include people, creatures, and even languages. Yes, that's right—he created several languages just for his fantasy series.


D.A.'s books have seen tremendous success, including an interview on Good Morning America and companies approaching him about an animated adaptation of the story. We also look at the epic cover art and the mind behind the greatness.

Boston’s Only Child brings an all-different sound with new project

Boston’s Only Child brings an all-different sound with new project

October 27, 2022

Fans of the Boston music scene will recognize songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Christopher James Martin from his work with the band All Eyes On Me. Well, Christopher is back with a new project, Only Child, and recently released the first single “Don't Call Me BB” and the music video in August.


In this interview, we look at the new solo venture and how the songwriting process has changed. Christopher has many friends in the local scene and we talk about their influence in the creative process. The single and forthcoming EP, “SRS ONE” were produced by Boston electro queen Casey Desmond, and we talk about how the two met and what it was like working together.


The glitzy music video for “Don’t Call Me BB” was directed by Mary Lee Desmond at Magic Room in Brighton. Kaitlyn Ciampa teamed with the Desmonds on filming the visual, as well as stylizing Martin’s hair and makeup, with fellow musicians Kara MacDonald, Alison Pappas, and KT Sullivan, and we look at how this went from concept to filmed video.


Following this, I've got the new single, “Don't Call Me BB,” a truly unique musical experience.

Ian Rogers talks Netflix deals and horror collections with “Every House Is Haunted”

Ian Rogers talks Netflix deals and horror collections with “Every House Is Haunted”

October 20, 2022

Sam. Fucking. Raimi.


I think I can stop there.


No? OK then, onward we go! For this episode I'm continuing my interviews with amazing talent publishing books though Cemetery Dance Publications. Ian Rogers joins me to talk about his soon-to-be-released collection of 22 horror stories, “Every House Is Haunted.”


Perhaps the biggest news is that the book was optioned by Sam Raimi and a feature film of one of the stories, “The House on Ashley Avenue,” is currently in development at Netflix. Script by Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman, directed by Corin Hardy, helmer of “The Nun” and “Gangs of London.” We talk all about this, how Ian met Sam Raimi and what the process has been like.


Next, we dive into the book itself, of which the stories include:


  • A mysterious double murder draws the attention of an insurance company with a special interest in the paranormal.


  • A honeymoon cabin with an unspeakable appetite finally meets its match.


  • A suburban home is transformed into the hunting ground for a new breed of spider.


  • A nightmarish jazz club at the crossroads of reality plays host to those who can break a deal with the devil...for a price.


Ian talks about where the ideas came from, which story was the first to be published, and some of his favorites, as well as whether anything was changed from when they were first written.

The Pastor of Horror shares one his most terrifying tales

The Pastor of Horror shares one his most terrifying tales

October 17, 2022

With a name like “The Pastor of Horror,” you just know this episode's going to be a good one! Author Ezekiel Kincaid joins me to talk about all things spooky, including his recently-released “The Dawning,” Book 1 in The Dreadful Death series. As always, I've got a little peek into what lies within the pages:


On a cold November night in 1817, a seven-year-old girl named Theodosia Whitefield finds a door leading to another world. She feels a pull towards a dark, celestial being who beckons her, and senses his presence growing each day. In an old rocking chair by her bed, a seeming friend appears and helps her navigate through this new world.

Little by little, Theo's innocence changes as the dark creature edges closer to her reality. The little girl begins to grow into something sinister and evil. Shedding her youth and innocence, her demon friend paves the way for Theodosia to meet the entity named Tetromet, The two meet and the horror and madness blossom in Theo, leading to unprecedented depths of terror.

The charming countryside of North Carolina makes the backdrop for the insanity and evil emanating from this child. She wreaks havoc on her family and friends as her power grows. It all comes to an insidious, nightmarish end, with questions of faith, sanity and above all, God and evil.


I've read some scary stuff over the years, and this may well be the best. Ezekiel and I talk about Theodosia, the dark being, and how she changes over the course of the series. We talk about the best ways to off a character and how it fits in with the overall story.


Ezekiel's 20-plus years in ministry have afforded him the opportunity to encounter people from all walks of life and in a myriad of situations and we talk about how this has factored into his work. We look at how he made the transition to writing and how the people in his life reacted to it.


In addition to his writing, Ezekiel has done some work in haunted house investigations and tells us how to tell the real deals from the bogus places. We also look at some of the most memorable sites he's been to. And of course, we lean how he came to be known as “The Pastor of Horror.”

Heerraa returns for a one-year catchup

Heerraa returns for a one-year catchup

October 13, 2022

It was last fall when international singer-songwriter Heerraa and I met on this show and she is back with a lot to share.


To start with, a slew of awards and honors, including the ICon Award, Female Single of the Year from ISSA, and Entertainer of the Year from the Rampage Music Awards. We look at how that influences her future work and the example she's setting for the next generation. She's also been doing work with Harvard as the Director of Communications at Harvard Extension Student Association.


Over the last year Heerraa's released a number of new singles, including “Peter Pan,” which she wrote at 15 and we talk about what inspired her to release it and if anything was changed. She also partnered with Autumn Helene for “Morning Light” and we dive into how the two meshed as artists.


Following this, enjoy “Across The Universe,” released as part of Harvard's Undergraduate Songwriters Collective latest album.


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