Citywide Blackout

A long-held secret drives Kristine Ochu’s “Campfire Confessions”

March 25, 2022

Annie’s devoted her life to raising four sons and volunteering wherever she’s needed. Most people consider her a saint—but they don’t know she’s hiding a big secret. When this secret finally catches up with Annie, best friends Jo and Sondra rush to her side. An adventure in the great outdoors leads to a sharing of pasts among the three friends in Kristine Ochu's debut novel, “Campfire Confessions,” now available through BooksFluent.


In this episode, Kristine and I talk about Annie, Jo, and Sandra and what each brings to the story and how they drive the plot. Kristine goes into the creation process and how she crafted this cast.


Kristine has a pretty diverse background as a log-rolling champion, international human resource executive, motivational speaker, and longtime screenwriter and we look at how all these experiences factored into the story.

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