Citywide Blackout

Ana Lal Din makes her debut with a thought-provoking fantasy tale

March 11, 2021

Author Ana Lal Din joins me to talk about her debut novel, “The Descent of the Drowned,” available on March 15 through White Tigress Press. This story takes elements of Ana's background, and is set in a Indo-Persian world with aspects of Pre-Islamic Arabian mythology.


The book focuses on Roma and Leviathan, two characters who could not be more different. Fate has other plans, however, and puts them on a quest to find an ancient treasure that will doom humankind should it fall into the wrong hands. She talks about both characters, one of whom struggles with a mental illness. It's something that Ana is very familiar with, having worked for years with her own mental health issues.


We also look at the art of the story, both on the book's cover and some amazing creations done by on Instagram. Ana also gives some hints at future projects.

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