Citywide Blackout

Being a BALR and just what’s under The Platform

May 20, 2019

On this week's show, Austin Arroco and Julie Diorio and I talk about the music scene of Boston and the need for more representation for its artists. This ties in with the great show coming up later in June called BALRFest 2019, showcasing Boston's BadAss Ladies of Rock. Austin helped book this show and gives us the lineup, all female-fronted bands of different genres.

ShellzdaGod joins me to talk about his newest releases and the great global response they've received. He's had the chance to work with artists from other cities, and we talk about how he'd do if he decided to bid Boston good-bye.

Writer Alex Bernstein has a new book out called “The Platform,” in which a writer stumbles upon a murder scene that leads him to discovering a group of people living underneath a subway platform, each with a story to tell. Alex talks about the writing process, which character he likes the most, and the challenge of stepping back and labeling the book as “done.”


Featured music

FLEMT- “In My Dreams”


Carla Bonnell- “Raven's Song”