Citywide Blackout

Boston’s Only Child brings an all-different sound with new project

October 27, 2022

Fans of the Boston music scene will recognize songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Christopher James Martin from his work with the band All Eyes On Me. Well, Christopher is back with a new project, Only Child, and recently released the first single “Don't Call Me BB” and the music video in August.


In this interview, we look at the new solo venture and how the songwriting process has changed. Christopher has many friends in the local scene and we talk about their influence in the creative process. The single and forthcoming EP, “SRS ONE” were produced by Boston electro queen Casey Desmond, and we talk about how the two met and what it was like working together.


The glitzy music video for “Don’t Call Me BB” was directed by Mary Lee Desmond at Magic Room in Brighton. Kaitlyn Ciampa teamed with the Desmonds on filming the visual, as well as stylizing Martin’s hair and makeup, with fellow musicians Kara MacDonald, Alison Pappas, and KT Sullivan, and we look at how this went from concept to filmed video.


Following this, I've got the new single, “Don't Call Me BB,” a truly unique musical experience.

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