Citywide Blackout

Celtic rock, the many kinds of weaving, and a new superhero team

July 3, 2019

Author Deb Brandon opens the show with a look at her new book, Threads Around the World: From Arabian Weaving to Batik in Zimbabwe.” It covers many different weaving styles that she has explored in-depth, some with a very interesting cultural story. Deb is a brain injury survivor, and weaving helped her to recover. She talks about this, the healing process, and the many techniques she has learned.


Joe Glass is the writer behind the popular LGBTQ+ super hero series, “The Pride,” available on Comixology Originals. The series—which recently kicked off its second season—features an LGBTQ superhero team that take on both villains and different societal issues. Glass talks about the different characters and their roles on the team and how people have responded, both in e-mails and when Joe attends different conventions.


Melissa Lycan of the band Nordic Daughter give some tour stories from their recent travels. This Celtic rock band has some impressive stage shows and Melissa talks about what people can expect when they see Nordic Daughter live. Melissa also introduces listeners to the many members of the band, all of whom have a great backstory.


Playlist (In order of airing)

The Beings—Butterfly

Floating Worlds—Sailing in History

Nordic Daughter—We Are One

Nordic Daughter-Born to Be a Valkyrie

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