Citywide Blackout

Diving into blended styles and cross-country moves with Joseph Mossbridge

August 5, 2022

This episode takes us into the musical world of Joseph Mossbridge, currently in Boston and soon to be moving to Los Angeles. We take a look at how his career kicked off and the fanbase he's built from his debut album, “Take My Time.” Much of the music on this album takes a page from what he experienced during the pandemic, including having to leave LA, where he was working when March 2020 happened.


Joseph's music blends all sorts of styles, including rap, EDM, and pop. We look at how these different sounds come together and what he's hoping to try out in future releases. We also shine the spotlight on the many people he's worked with to bring “Take My Time” and other songs to life.


Afterward, enjoy “Goodbye,” from Joseph's debut album, a look at the major move he had to make.

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