Citywide Blackout

Douglas Knight of Cross Eye Comics dives into his soon-to-be released series

August 20, 2022

I love a good comic, as you all know, so this episode is one I am very happy to share. Douglas Knight, founder of Cross Eye Comics, joins me to talk about his new series, CHIASM (kai-ahz-em). It's the story of his life.....sort of. He talks all about the main character Desmond Phillips, who undergoes an operation to implant an alien molecule in his optic chiasm to combat and eliminate the cancer in his head. It's got a strong real-life connection and Doug and I look at how it influenced the story.


There's currently a Kickstarter going for the series and it runs until Aug. 28. The cool thing is that it's already well past the goal (you should support it anyway!) and Doug talks about what it means to have such support from the fans and readers.


We also look at how Doug got his start in comics and the different titles that inspired him along the way. He talks about working as a comic artist while being legally blind and how he's developed his very cool and unique style.

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