Citywide Blackout

Half Decent’s debut album tells the tale of a 16-year career in rap

November 20, 2020

Oxford, England-based rapper Half Decent has a new album out, “Groundhog Day,” which covers his 16-year music career across 18 tracks. He raps about anything and everything, and we go deep into the different topics included in his music.


Over the years, he's had the chance to collaborate with artists such as MC Lars, KRS- One and Kellindo, and we talk about the chances he's taken in reaching out to them, and the different ways it's paid off. Half Decent also gives us a look at what his live shows are like and some plans he has in place for 2021.


Following this, enjoy one of my favorite track off the new album, “Made Of.” I absolutely loved his surgical style and precision flow.

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