Citywide Blackout

Heerraa returns for a one-year catchup

October 13, 2022

It was last fall when international singer-songwriter Heerraa and I met on this show and she is back with a lot to share.


To start with, a slew of awards and honors, including the ICon Award, Female Single of the Year from ISSA, and Entertainer of the Year from the Rampage Music Awards. We look at how that influences her future work and the example she's setting for the next generation. She's also been doing work with Harvard as the Director of Communications at Harvard Extension Student Association.


Over the last year Heerraa's released a number of new singles, including “Peter Pan,” which she wrote at 15 and we talk about what inspired her to release it and if anything was changed. She also partnered with Autumn Helene for “Morning Light” and we dive into how the two meshed as artists.


Following this, enjoy “Across The Universe,” released as part of Harvard's Undergraduate Songwriters Collective latest album.


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