Citywide Blackout

Jonathan Janz shares some classically-themed horror in “The Dismembered”

November 10, 2022

Who wants to hear from more horror writers? If your hand’s in the air, then kick back and enjoy hearing from author Jonathan Janz, who has a new book out on Nov. 11 through our friends at Cemetery Dance Publications. Here’s a look at the story:


In the spring of 1912, American writer Arthur Pearce is reeling from the wounds inflicted by a disastrous marriage. But his plans to travel abroad, write a new novel, and forget about his ex-wife are interrupted by a lovely young woman he encounters on a London-bound train. Her name is Sarah Coyle, and the tale she tells him chills his blood.

Sarah's younger sister has been entranced by Count Richard Dunning, who is rumored to dabble in bizarre religious rites and experimental medicine. Arthur agrees to help, but he has no idea of what awaits him at Altarbook, Sarah's ancestral mansion, or the remote English countryside, where Count Dunning and his followers are about to unleash an unholy supernatural power.


Jonathan and I head right into the story—we talk about Count Dunning and how he came to be, Sarah’s role, what leads Arthur to join her, and what inspired some of the settings.


Brian Keene has called Janz “One of the best writers in modern horror to come along in the last decade,” and we talk about what such praise means, as well as the influence that Keene has had on his work. Jonathan and I dive into his personality and how he sees himself after publishing more than a dozen books. Jonathan works as a high school writing and film teacher and we discuss how he works with young creatives.

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