Citywide Blackout

Joni Sensel shares the premonition of a lost love in memoir and Americana band June Star are back with their 17th album

June 24, 2022

From nearly the start of their romance, author Joni Sensel knew she would lose the man she loved after experiencing a dark premonition. Though she kept this secret, upon his death she was compelled to share it in her memoir, “Feeling Fate: A Memoir of Love, Intuition, and Spirit.”


In this interview, we talk about the premonition and how she knew it was real, sharing the story with her family, and what she's chosen to include in the book.


After that, the Americana band June Star and I dive into their new album, “How We See It Now,” their 17th release to date. Band members Andrew Grimm and Dave Hadley talk about the new directions they went in with this one and some of the folks they worked with.


June Star is part of a really cool Boston show on June 28, but they also have more than 50 shows planned for the summer. We look at some of their stops, favorite places to play, and how they manage such a busy schedule. Plus, the guys play a couple songs for us!


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