Citywide Blackout

Mark Bernal and Rey Garza take us into the world of Lesser Known Comics

June 29, 2022

It was during 2020 that Mark Bernal began working with various illustrators to create the first pages of Lesser Known Comics. Since then, LKC has grown to a 14-person company, with writers and artists in New York, Maryland, Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin, California, and Washington, as well as Argentina and Spain. The company creates and publishes its own original comic books while also publishing independent creator-owned comics.


In this interview, Bernal and Writer/Illustrator Rey Garza talk about the origins of LKC and how it's grown so much over just two years. Garza shares how he launched his own title, “Tank McGreggor,” a comedic sci-fi action title with one of the most unique main characters I've encountered. We look at the world of indie comics and how things have changed, allowing more creators to pursue their dreams.


Much of the company's releases are done through Kickstarter packages, and they've exceeded these goals time and again. Mark and Rey give their takes on this and what it means for the company and its future.

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