Citywide Blackout

Pax East, Part 3

June 24, 2019

Ben Chou's Pax East coverage wraps up with three great interviews. Kelsey Choi—a cosplayer and League of Legends Pro-Am player—opens the podcast with an in-depth look at how the games work and how she became an ambassador. She also talks about the games she grew up on and how it helped her overcome her shyness. She's been cosplaying for years and has been making her own costumes as well, and talks about what she's learned through doing this.

Angelica Marie is also a cosplayer and talks about her Skull Kid costume from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. She's been cosplaying for six years and takes it back to the beginning to what got her into it and the different costumes she's done. She talks about the good parts of the Pax community and how the people help each other. Angelica also highlights some of the games she's enjoyed at Pax and some of her favorite games.

Zeen Rachidi is a Pax Enforcer and walks us through his time with Pax East and West. He's definitely a Pax East fan and talks about what has made the event such a success. He shares his origin story on how he became a Pax Enforcer and what the role entails. Though not security for the event, they have a lot to do, including helping with booths, providing information to attendees, and making sure everyone has what they need.


Playlist (In order of airing)

Cat Beach—Get After It

DDK-Margarita Mix