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Stone Star’s second season brings the comic to new heights in art and story

December 17, 2020

It was a year and a half ago when I talked with writer Jim Zub about the ComiXology Originals series Stone Star. A month ago, the second season began and Jim and artist Max Dunbar join me to talk about what we can expect from the story and the many characters.

Jim provides insight into some of the major plot points of Season 1 and how they'll factor into the new season. He also talks about what it means to have a creator-owned series and the directions the team has been able to go with it.

Max and I talk about the unique art of Stone Star, which features some amazing creature designs and landscapes. Max dives into the process behind his work, and some of the more fun aliens he got to make.

Of course, comic-cons have been among the many casualties of 2020, and Max, Jim, and I share some stories from past cons and offer some tips for up and coming artists who want to take advantage of the networking opportunity that these events provide.

Big thanks goes out to Superfan Promotions for arranging the interview. And if you're not already doing so, subscribe to ComiXology Originals for $5.99 a month to get access to thousands of digital comics from companies such as Marvel, DC, Image, Boom Studios, and much, much more.

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