Citywide Blackout

The mind behind Gold Light Hour talks new styles and bringing music to the big screen

July 20, 2022

From playing in an alt-country band to the atmospheric styles of his current project, Gold Light Hour, Christ Gutierrez has taken on a number of genres. In this interview, we talk about the varied and unique sounds of Gold Light Hour and his DIY, self-taught approach. He's recently been back on stage courtesy of the good folks at Tiny Oak Booking and we go into what a show with him sounds and looks like.


Chris and I dive into his new album, “Music of Sex and Horror,” and all the cool stories behind the music. Chris hopes to get into the film scoring field, and we talk what kinds of movies would be the best fit. I'll bet you can never guess his answer.


Following this, enjoy two tracks from the new album, “Morph,” followed by “Warm.”

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