Citywide Blackout

Touring the Breaklands with writer/creator Justin Jordan

September 19, 2019

Justin Jordan, the co-creator and writer of “The Strange Talent of Luther Strode,” talks about his new series, “Breaklands,” available on ComiXology. Set 150 years after the event known as The Break, the new world is a post-apocalyptic land of amazing powers....except for one person. Kasa, the only non-powered person, must save her brother Adam when he is kidnapped in issue one of this five-issue series. Justin delves into the world building process, how he created the characters for this series, and what people can expect in future issues.

For music, enjoy “Bid Mad” from New York-based rapper Molly McCoy. This one's a long time coming, as Molly recorded one of the first bumpers for the show. Molly's style is tight and flowing at the same time, and the music is sick.